How can I nominate someone for a Pay-it-Forward Adventure?

We'd love to be able to take everyone deserving of a pay-it-forward adventure on a hunt of a lifetime.  However, spaces and funds for these types of hunts are limited.  If you have someone in mind that you think would make a good fit, fill out our nomination form and send it in.  We will look at each nomination and as budgets and time allow, we'll do our best to make sure they get their adventure.

Can I hunt where you hunt.?

While some of our Adventures are on private lands, We use for all of our bookings.  You'll find most of the places featured on our show among the ranches and outfitters listed there.  Check out the website and book your own adventure.

How can I sponsor the show?

We have a great group of sponsors and we're always looking for more.  If you'd like to sponsor the show,  contact us and we'll get you a sponsorship package with advertising opportunities tailored to your needs and budget.